Experts of greenfield HVAC for multi-family mid and high-rise

Whether the facility is a condominium, apartment, mixed-use, low-rise, mid-rise or high-rise, Arctic has a long history of HVAC for multi-family housing.

Our Lean Journey really began with multi-family high-rise buildings

Pre-fabrication (we sometimes call it “moduling”) is a cornerstone for efficient installation in these types of facilities, as one single item may repeat itself literally hundreds or even thousands of times in the course of a single building installation. Our shop will often preassemble duct mains, and create “kits” of every possible type and scenarios in order to minimize field handling, modification or guesswork. All of this is supported by our skillful pre-planning and modeling. Each area of the building becomes a pre-planned project unto its own, while integrating gracefully into the entire system.

Going back 20 years or more, before 3D modeling and computer-aided manufacturing, we attempted to do much of the “thinking” in the field. As we acquired new equipment and technology, and expanded our technical skills, we developed a high level of efficiency in delivering these and all other types of projects. Our journey is a continuum and we are constantly improving our systems and methods to enable us to provide an ever-better value with each project. Our journey is on-going and our culture has become one of continuous improvement.

Smooth execution of a project benefits all stakeholders
Knowledge of code, best practices, and ability to execute the job is key to project stakeholders

Arctic has the staff, resources, experience, and understanding of lean principles to be a key contributor to a the entire project team.