CreatE efficiency through the use
of innovative technologies

Using 3D BIM modeling and laser point scanning technology to estimate, coordinate, and fabricate streamlines costs and improves accuracy


Arctic has been a leader in the region with 3D coordination and modeling for mechanical systems - leveraging the technology to our field installations and fabrication shops through Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM). 

leading 3d
bim modeling

Arctic is a regional leader in 
3D modeling and coordination

estimating, engineering, and manufacturing INTEGRATION

“What really impressed me about their operation and separated them from other contractors is Arctic’s willingness to adopt new innovative technology to gain a competitive advantage. In today’s construction environment, innovation is required to meet tight deadlines. Arctic’s use of technology has completely streamlined their operation, eliminated waste, and reduced their man hours. These efficiency gains are passed on to all of the stakeholders on any project they work on.”

-James Beveridge, Webduct Systems Inc.

Arctic’s team of in-house detailers, designers and fabrication experts have utilized the power of computing to streamline our work by as much as 20% in total labor by the efficient and effective use of computer-aided design and manufacturing. From laser point-cloud scanning for accurately verify existing conditions, modeling and precisely coordinating installation, GPS/laser layout from model data to manufacturing directly from model data, Arctic has the experience and know-how for the most challenging of projects.

Arctic utilizes web-based material ordering for our field supervisors. This system has proven to be not only a time-saver for our field and shop,  but also has proven to be an invaluable order tracking and expediting tool. Through its use, we have all but eliminate the unidentified “shorts”, backorders or missed items as there are several critical signoff milestones in the fulfillment of each order. This system is also available to outside duct fabrication customers – they can order their materials on-line and get immediate pricing and delivery estimates.

Most HVAC contractors operate with multiple estimating, design and manufacturing data platforms. Arctic has spent many years and countless hours creating one integrated estimating, computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) system. From this, we do not have the inherent inconsistencies associated with multiple data bases – nor do we spend the time and energy converting from design and model data to estimates – as the data is shared. Similarly, with manufacturing, our design or estimating data is effectively the driver for our shop – which becomes a “printer”, if you will, for metal instead of paper! Our ability to quickly and accurately budget, design, report and track changes as they happen is almost instantaneous and very reliable. 


Arctic is always looking forward to the next integration or deployment of technology to streamline our work flow, aid in coordination and deliver a higher quality product at a lower cost of production. Our staff and technicians are always flexible and open to discussing and sharing proven methods and experimenting with new ideas with our customers. 


By integrating the modeling and coordination phase of a project with the manufacturing and estimating data neccessary to fabricate and install the systems, we have taken "BIM modeling" to another level.  We have affected the outcome of our jobs while using this technology to identifying conflicts early, which reduces re-work, and speeds up installation through pre-fabrication at the shop. Our technical staff is happy to share our innovations and processes with our customers.  This level of openness makes for better partners and stronger teams.


It's never to early to start planning for a successful project, we enjoy working through the pre-construction process on projects.  With the integrated modeling and estimating it puts us in an ideal spot to perform coordination while developing and maintaining project budgets.