AGC Pride Safety Award winner – 5 years running

PRIDE safety award recipients include members who demonstrate safety excellence in our industry

A company culture with the resources to create a safe, injury-free work environment

Arctic Sheet Metal safety program is built on the foundation of good leadership providing the culture for safety, high performance and quality. Arctic has raised our project supervisors in the sheet metal industry. Our sheet metal supervisors start out their career as pre-apprentices, learning their way around the shop and construction projects. They move through the apprenticeship program learning the skills to build their career. The same goes for safety. When the young worker is exposed to an “injury free” culture and workplace and learns the use of the best-known methods for their work, they build within themselves an expectation that everyone works safely and goes home healthy.

We believe that having the proper leadership, training, task planning, equipment and resources helps to progressively build our injury-free work environment. We will never compromise the safety of our people to save cost. Our teams continue to innovate and create efficient ways to perform tasks but never at the expense of their own safety.

Ranked in the top 3 most safe sheet metal companies in the nation by SMACNA in 2016

We perform a variety of HVAC and metal fabrication
projects in a wide array of vertical markets. Difficult
working environments, challenging scopes and working all hours of the day are all in a day’s work. Performing the impossible while ensuring that our people and those working around them go home to their families safely is our top priority.