Our "roots" are in HVAC duct fabrication, but our scope of capabilities is far greater... 


Arctic has a wide range of skills and capabilities in metal fabrication. While we are not a “building steel” fabricator, we have the ability to form, weld and fabricate a variety of custom products from flat sheet, plate, tubing and other structural shapes for a wide range of applications. We have expertise with forming and welding galvanized and black steel, aluminum, stainless alloys as well as fiberglass and some thermoplastics. We have built a wide range of custom-fabricated items for commercial, industrial, food-processing, medical and marine clients ranging from structural platforms, covers, hoppers, non-ASME vessels, containment carts, material conveyance systems and a myriad of other components. Additionally, with our CNC-driven shears and brakes, we can build almost any flashing, coping and building trim component.


In addition to our expertise in fabricating HVAC comfort system ductwork, fittings, and other components, Arctic has extensive experience with industrial ductwork. These systems often operate at high pressures and require fabrication, forming and welding of heavier gauges and require extensive mechanical stiffening. Arctic has fabricated large-diameter industrial ductwork and material conveyance duct and fittings as large as 14-foot diameter, constructed to negative pressures as high as negative 30 inches water gauge using galvanized steel or stainless alloys. We have the knowledge, manpower, facilities and equipment to design, properly fabricate (and/or install) even the largest process exhaust and conveyance systems.


Arctic utilizes a web-based ordering system that allows our field crews to instantly order components from the field. Their order is placed into our fabrication que, and our system provides real-time feedback to the “buyer” of their order status. Using this system has virtually eliminated “shorts” and missing or lost components in our project delivery. We offer this service to our duct fabrication customers – wherein the system gives the buyer a price and lead time with a few clicks of a mouse. It is available from any computer with internet connection or mobile devices.  Along with being a ease of communication tool it also defaults to SMACNA standards for defaults to ensure we are providing a quality product we can stand behind. 


Arctic always runs a second shift so that we are able to provide some level of next-day service for those last-minute changes or forgotten items. We understand that supporting our field crews or those of our customers, is our highest priority in our fabrication shop.