architectural sheet metal

Our custom-fabricated systems provide protection from the elements, beauty, and peace-of-mind.


Arctic sheet metal has the in-house expertise and equipment to fabricate and install most types of sheet metal siding and roofing systems. Additionally, we have the experience with many other types of metal and fiber-composite envelope systems used in today’s commercial buildings. Our team can assist the design team, owner and general contractor with the scope development, details, means and methods and provide constructability input on the interface to other exterior systems of the building. Our reputation for quality HVAC services extends to these systems as well – a top-quality project, for a good value.

Our digitally-controlled forming equipment provides consistent accuracy in the manufacture of flashing, coping, panels, gutters and ornamental trim work and, our craftsmen are experts in the details required for the proper fit and finish of exterior systems. Our fabrication shop stocks copper, aluminum, stainless steel and numerous other pre-painted metal sheets. We are prepared for everything from minor repairs, to complete envelope systems – whether the project is a simple rain gutter system or a more elaborate ornamental design.

Our architectural solutions Protect building interiors from the elements and provide lasting beauty
we have experience with both pre-manufactured and shop-built exterior systems

Owners expect that the building exterior accomplishes two main purposes – to provide lasting beauty and to protect the building interior from the elements. Arctic works closely with water-proofing consultants to ensure that the entire system performs as intended, and closely documents each layer of the process. Arctic also has close affiliation with a number of system manufacturers, expanding our base of support and expertise to an even wider range of products and services.