Our HVAC projects include design, collaboration, coordination, fabrication, and installation.

We value our reputation as problem solvers

For over 40 years, Arctic has been fabricating and installing ductwork for commercial and industrial customers, but as industry, technology, and marketplaces have changed, so has Arctic’s business model. We are a now a complete Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) installation and service contractor. We provide complete HVAC systems, mainly where the project involves “packaged” or “decentralized” air-delivery equipment. A common term within the industry has become “Dry Mechanical” systems. Where a project involves “centralized” HVAC systems – chillers, boilers, and water-coil air moving equipment - we provide our services to, or partner with, one of the region’s many fine Mechanical Piping Contractors. 

Arctic approaches HVAC projects with a thoroughness that starts with pre-planning and coordination and carries through to a smooth, non-disruptive installation. We value our reputation as problem-solvers - always looking out for the entire project team’s interests. We develop and utilize modern technology in our planning, fabrication, and installation in order to provide the highest standards of quality and efficiency to our customers. Our experience with a diverse range of projects and markets allows us to undertake many project responsibilities. We are well-versed in collaborative design and construction delivery models and have managed hundreds of Design-Build or Design-Assist projects. Our HVAC expertise in many vertical markets and building types allows us to contribute to project development and construction at a high level of detail. Arctic’s experience allows us to develop accurate budgets with a minimal level of development. Our team of Project Managers, Engineering Support and Field Foreman are highly-technical, capable, thorough, and fixated on delivering a quality system on every project.


Most of Arctic’s business is with repeat customers and is price-negotiated. Our customers know that we are a trustworthy partner who is conscientious with budget. We believe in transparency and fair-dealing in all of our work and it shows. The best indicator of a job-well-done is a customer who comes back time and again.