Oregon State Capitol

Salem, Oregon

General Contractor | Hoffman

Architect | SRG

Preservation & restoration

As one of the more recent capitol buildings in the United States, the Oregon State Capitol is rare in the fact that it was crafted in the Art Deco architectural style. Its modern dome is home to its most striking feature, the Oregon Pioneer, or ‘Gold Man’ as it’s more commonly known.

Arctic contributed to the most recent restoration effort of the Capitol building by replacing the two tiers of metal roofing that encircle the base of the dome, which was leaking and deteriorating due to decades of exposure to Oregon’s weather.

The biggest challenge for the project was access and preservation of the Vermont marble cladding. Extensive scaffolding was erected. New stainless standing seam roofing panels were weatherproofed with silicone sealant and hand-laid over a high temperature ice & water barrier, ensuring the integrity and longevity of the installation and our historic state capitol.