Kaiser Permanente Beaverton Medical Offices 

Beaverton, Oregon

General Contractor | Fortis

Architect | PKA

A shiny metal shell

A brand new medical and dental office building replaced the existing Kaiser Permanente Beaverton location. Arctic installed a matrix of galvanized furring to provide a space for the mineral wood insulation and as a support structure for the overlaid metal paneling system that formed that majority of the building shell.

The majority of panel installation work was along the north face of the building. High voltage power lines ran parallel along the entirety, presenting a significant safety risk.


Arctic developed an installation process that pre-staged the materials so that there would be no need to manipulate, rotate, or move the metal cladding more than absolutely necessary, minimizing the risk of contact with the power lines. Due to this dedication to both safety and efficiency, the project was completed on schedule and without incident.