Robert Libke Public Safety Building 

Oregon City, Oregon

General Contractor | P&C Construction

Architect | FFA Architecture + Interiors

honor & tribute

Representing the largest community facility investment in Oregon City’s history, the Robert Libke Public Safety Building is home to both the Oregon City Police Department and Municipal Court. When the Mt. Pleasant School was permanently closed in 2013, the city looked to renovate the historic building as a replacement for the aging existing police department.

After careful study, it was determined that the needed seismic reinforcements, hazardous material abatement, and internal layout restrictions made the renovation unfeasible. Overwhelmingly, 81% of Oregon City residents voted in favor of a bond measure for the design and construction of a brand new facility.

The completely new shared community space includes a vaulted courtroom, offices, holding and training facilities, and protected parking. The public greenspaces from the school were maintained and will continue to be enjoyed by Oregon City residents.

The building was named in honor of Robert Libke, an Oregon City Police Department reserve officer who was killed in the line of duty while responding to a house fire in 2013. The original bricks and entry window from the Mt. Pleasant School were preserved and rebuilt on the grounds as tribute to the history of the site.

Arctic Sheet Metal furnished and installed over 11,000 square feet of AEP Span Flex panels finished in Classic Brushed Bronze, an ultra-durable coating with a venerable patina. Window sections are set off with AEP Flush panels in black. Entryways and select faces feature PAC Flush aluminum panels.

Beneath each panel is a 3” layer of polyisocyanurate insulation for incredible thermal efficiency and longevity. The overall effect is building with modern usability that will serve Oregon City for many years to come, an addition to the city that we are proud to have been a part.