Salem, Oregon
General Contractor | JE Dunn
Architect | CB|Two


From ground-breaking to hand-off, the new Headquarters for the Salem Police was completed in just two years. The new building represents a significant improvement from the previous facility on Civic Center grounds.

The 100,000 sq. ft. structure now houses 189 sworn officers and 52 civilian staff members under one roof for the first time. The new headquarters is home to training

rooms, evidence storage, a crime lab, emergency operations, holding facilities, forensic interviewing rooms, offices, K9 kenneling, conference rooms, and community spaces.

The intent of the three story station was to build closer relationships to the residents of Salem, being centrally located, and in a bright and inviting space that provides a sense of safety.

Arctic Sheet Metal provided significant work to the exterior of the building. The majority is clad in CMC CMPS-CP Series ACM panels in three contrasting colors. These premium ACM panels create a façade that is extremely flat, uniform, and with outstanding durability characteristics. 

Under the skin, Arctic utilized GreenGirt composite furring in lieu of the more traditional galvanized to support the ACM panel work. While sheet metal furring acts as a ‘thermal bridge’, composite furring synergizes with the insulating layer it is integrated with. This provides more effective heating and cooling indoors, while still maintaining a structural strength safety factor of 8+. 

Along the west, the parking garage features Morin Matrix panels in an irregular configuration. AEP Span panels provide seamless coverage on building soffits throughout.

The sum total of our work is a beautiful exterior that will stand the test of time. We are honored at having been able to help the dedicated members of the Salem Police Department continue to protect and serve the citizens of our State Capitol.